Well, the journey actually started more than 4 years ago, but with a new chapter opening I decided to create a blog for my family and friends to stay up-to-date on what I’m doing over the next year. If you haven’t yet heard, I’ll be moving to Washington DC in September to begin a year-long internship working on-staff at National Community Church with the media team.

Simply put, the NCC Protégé Program is a training and proving ground for emerging church leaders.  From their website: The Protégé Program is a year-long intensive spiritual growth, leadership development, and ministry immersion experience at National Community Church. As an NCC Protégé, you will be given the opportunity to learn from some of the most innovative thinkers and creators in ministry, participate in the day to day activities of church staff culture, stretch yourself as a leader, and lay a firm foundation for a life-long pursuit of the passion and vision that God has placed on your life.

I’m passionate about using Media to help people encounter God in new ways, and I believe I’ve been called to full-time ministry, serving God through the use of media. Joining this program for a year moves me closer to realizing that vision.

I’m excited to take on this new challenge in my life knowing that God is working in me and through me. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me.

Here at the blog I’ll be journaling about my experience in DC. I thank those of you who will be supporting me through this time of growth, both financially and in prayer.

Feel free to ask questions or post comments in the “comments” section below each post. If it says, “No Comments”, click the link and be the first one! I look forward to this being an interactive experience with you.

I’ll be giving you more information about the program in the coming weeks, but for now, feel free to read about the Protege Program by clicking here.

T-minus 8 weeks and counting!