So I spent the morning with Kari, our deaf ministries protege at NCC, shooting an Alpha video. If you’re not familiar with Alpha, it’s a basic introduction to Christianity course that teaches people who are interested, skeptical, or beginning to seek Christ what Christianity is all about. Some of the topic titles are: Is there more to life than this?, Who is Jesus?, Why did Jesus die?, How can I have faith?, How does God guide us?, How do we pray?, Who is the Holy Spirit?, and several more.

There is a large deaf community in the Capitol Hill area of DC due to Gallaudet University being just a few blocks to the north. It is one of the best universities for the advanced education of deaf students in the world. Kari is a graduate.

How do these two relate? Kari has spent a lot of time building up the deaf ministries here at our church. We have interpreters at our 5pm service on Saturday, and afterwards Kari leads a group discussion about the sermon. Some of them are also participating in the Alpha course. The videos are subtitled, and when the talks are live, NCC provides an interpreter….but it’s just not enough. At NCC, we have a saying: Do it right, and do it big! To make it more personal we’re filming the entire series in American Sign Language! Kari will be leading groups through Alpha at Gallaudet University in the spring!

On top of that, the Alpha organization has gotten wind of what we’re doing at NCC, and if they like the final product they may use the videos nationally to make the Alpha course available and more relevant to the deaf community. Cool huh?!

Kari is amazing. She literally translated an transcript of each episode into ASL. This was my first time on an Alpha shoot with her. She memorized 5 typed pages! Seriously! I think the video will end up being around 20 minutes or so…and she did it all from memory. I have trouble trying to remember a 6 digit MLS number for 30 seconds when I’m doing work for one of our web clients!!!

We shot behind the old union station this morning. I had a run-in with security who did not like us filming there, but luckily the Lord brought me through a series of conversations to someone who finally gave me permission to shoot on location. We got some great footage of trains moving in and out of the station. Perhaps I’ll post some clips when it’s done so you can see what we’re doing. Better brush up on your ASL!

So happy to be working with Kari! She’s living a good life story, working on spreading the love of Christ in new and exciting ways to the deaf community.