Live your own story, not someone else’s.

I was hanging out with Craig and Amanda Duchemin last week. Craig told me about how he played guard for successful high school football team with a long history of winning. In essence, Craid said that the coach used to tell them that even though they were wearing that uniform, and all of the history and tradition that came with it, they still had to go out and win their own games.

In other words, they needed to create their own hiStory.

Knowing my passion for storytelling, Craig brought it up along with a biblical example. I’ve been trying to process this in my own life.

I hope the story I live challenges those who watch me to go create a better story for themselves. And I hope I never get so wrapped up in or complacent following someone else’s story that I start living vicariously through their stories.

I want to create good stories for myself, and to challenge others to create their own good stories. It’s hard work and it’s not always fun, but no story would be complete if there wasn’t an obstacle to overcome or a little struggle to face.

Go create your own story.