Stained Glass Project

Next week I’ll show you why I decided to make a few pieces of faux stained glass…but for now, let me show you what I did.

My friends Bekah and Ian took me to an architectural salvage warehouse in Maryland where there was a wide selection of old windows to choose from. I found a few that were the same size and appeared to be from the same building.

This is what they looked like at the start.


I started by painting the frames black with a glossy black paint. I used painters tape, which never works for me the way it’s supposed to…

painted window

I then found some images of stained glass that I liked on-line and used them to create a template in photoshop.


I printed out the templates and taped them to the back side of the glass.


For the first window, I laid the self adhesive lead strips first.


I then painted it with Vitreal glass paints.

painted window

I wasn’t happy with my paint job…it wasn’t clean enough, and the paint pooled in the seams…so I decided to paint the second window prior to laying the lead in hopes that the paint would pool less and the brush strokes would look more realistic.


I then used the self adhesive lead strips, and got a much cleaner look than the first window in a quarter of the time.

window 2

For the video shoot, I needed to find a way to hang the frames. Unfortunately, the ceiling of the building we wee in wouldn’t allow for that, so we had to get creative. My friend Tom came up with a great solution, to mount them on light stands using some steel pipe holders and wood screws.

steel pipe holders

wood screws

The end result was an easily adjustable stand for the windows.




To light the windows I used soft boxes that were about the same size as the frames. To keep the light from spilling out, I used some gaff tape to seal the edges.

taped up

taped 2

taped 3

Here’s the basic setup.


Here’s my friend Jayne standing in for our talent so I could get the shot the way I wanted.


Here’s what one of them looked like in the dark.

window in the dark

Next week I’ll post the video that these were created for.


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  1. Shanon Tessier:

    Wow! You are getting creative. Can’t wait to see the video!

  2. Katie Evans:

    Nice Andy, we should craft together sometime :) I would love to go to a salvage yard!

  3. Andy:

    Thanks Katie – next time you come down we’ll go there!

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